Bhakta course – May and June 2018

Take two months of your life and start building a strong foundation for your eternal benefit

For many years, we have had the desire to provide a systematic education for aspiring devotees on the path to pure devotional service. Finally, after more than 13 years, Goloka Dhama will again host a bhakta course. This training will allow devotees and friends of Krsna to learn all the secrets in the art of serving and loving the divine couple. The training will include:

  • Brahmanical culture and ethics,
  • the ancient teachings of the Srimad Bhagavad Gita,
  • our glorious Srila Prabhupada,
  • the 6 Goswamis of Vrindavan,
  • the Holy Names,
  • Deity-worship,
  • Musical instruments,
  • Basic cooking abilities,
  • Guru-disciple-course,
  • Book-distribution-course
  • And more

This course will give a solid spiritual foundation which will allow one to build his life with spiritual vision and strength. To learn all the secrets of Krsna Bhakti in direct association with experienced and mature devotees is a very rare opportunity. The world is filled with opportunities to learn, online courses, universities etc.… but receiving spiritual training while living an ashram life is most transformative and exciting.

The theoretical course will be taught from Monday to Friday 17:30h to 19:00h

The Facilitators will be:

  • Adi Purusa Prabhu
  • Jay Nitai Prabhu
  • Gaurahari Prabhu
  • Advitya Baladeva Prabhu
  • Vaijayanti mataji
  • Damodara Priya mataji

More than all the topics already described, the participants will get a special entry to their own individual relationship with Sri Krsna. They will experience the most precious taste of being again situated as an eternal servants of the Lord.

Included in the bhakta course, is association with mother Ila Kanti and mother Narayani, and the Kirtan Mela for 2018. An Official Certificate of the course will be sent to the participants.

Please do not hesitate to recommend this course to any suitable candidates.   

If you like to participate to that course, participation to all temple programs and rendering a minimum of 3 hours services daily in the activities of the temple andand reading homeworks is compulsory. Moreover, one should follow the 4 regulation of Bhakti Yoga (no meat eating, no sex, no gambling and no intoxication) and chant 16 rounds of Japa Mala daily. Accommodation in our ashram free of
charge will be provided. Donations for that precious training are most welcome.

A possibility is given to attend only the theoretical lessons in the evening and stay outside of the temple.

Registration at

The Tenatative Schedule is below and can be printed here: BhaktaProgramm 2018

Bhakta-Course, Goloka Dhama – 2018

Date m: morning;
e: evening
Facilitator Topic
30.04. m Seva
  e DPd „Vaishnava Culture“
01.05. m Seva
  e GH „Vaishnava Behaviour“
02.05. m Seva
  e Vj „Vaishnava Saints“
03.05. m Seva
  e GH „Faith“, „3 Aspects of the Absolute Truth“
04.05. m Seva
  e Vj “Supreme Lord and His Abode”, “5 Primary Rasas”




07.05. m Seva
  e Ila Kanti Spiritual Rebirth and collaboration between devotees
08.05. m Seva
  e Ila Kanti Spiritual Rebirth and collaboration between devotees
09.05. m Seva
  e Ila Kanti Spiritual Rebirth and collaboration between devotees
10.05. m Seva
  e Ila Kanti Spiritual Rebirth and collaboration between devotees
11.05. m Seva
  e DPd “Methods of Attaining Knowledge”, “Sanatana-dharma”


14.05. m Seva
  e AB “Philosophy vs. Theology”, “Sambandha, Abidheya,…”
15.05. m Seva
  e AB “3 Energies of the Lord”, “Avataras”
16.05. m Seva
  e GH “3 Modes of Mat.Nature”, “Law of Karma”
17.05. m Seva
  e Vj “Re-incarnation”, “Death”, “Liberation”
18.05. m GH, Vj, DPd Visit of Crematorium
  e GH, Vj, DPd Discussion of Visit in Crematorium


21.05. m Seva
  e DPd “Creation”
22.05. m Seva
  e AB “Temple Programs”, “4 Legs of Religion”
23.05. m Seva
  e GH “Sense Gratification vs. Bhakti”, “No Meat, no illicit Sex”
24.05. m Seva
  e Mother Narayani “Hearing and Chanting”
25.05. m ???? Test
  e Mother Narayani “Japa-Workshop”


28.05. Whole day Jay Nitai Sankirtan-Seminar
29.05. Whole day Jay Nitai Sankirtan-Seminar
30.05. Whole day Jay Nitai Sankirtan-Seminar
31.05. Whole day Jay Nitai Sankirtan-Seminar
01.06. m Seva
  e DPd “Devotional Service in Practice”


04.06. Whole day Devotional seva in Practice
05.06. Whole day Devotional seva in Practice
06.06. Whole day Preparation for Kirtan Mela
07.06. Whole day Kirtan Mela
08.06. Whole day Kirtan Mela


11.06. Whole day DPd Guru-Disciple-Course
12.06. Whole day DPd Guru-Disciple-Course
13.06. Whole day DPd Guru-Disciple-Course
14.06. Whole day DPd Guru-Disciple-Course
15.06. m Seva
  e Vj “No Gambling, no intoxication”, “Tips against struggeling”


18.06. Whole day DPd Deity-worship-Seminar
19.06. Whole day DPd Deity-worship-Seminar
20.06. Whole day DPd Deity-worship-Seminar
21.06. m Seva
  e Vj “Festivals in KC”, “Ekadasi”, “Serving and Honoring Prasad”
22.06. m Seva
  e GH “Missionary Activities”


25.06. Whole day Adipurusa  
26.06. Whole day Adipurusa  
27.06. Whole day Adipurusa  
28.06. Whole day Adipurusa  
29.06. Whole day Adipurusa  


m GH, AB, Vj, DPd Closing-Ceremony, evtl. with yajna, distribution of Certificates