Sri Krishna Janmastami festival 2018

From Friday, August 31st until Tuesday, September 4th

Dear Devotees and friends of Krishna,

We would like to cordially invite you to the inspiring festival of Sri Krishna Janmastami and Srila Prabhupada’s Vyasapuja ceremony. It is few days celebration with many highlights, inspiring lectures, meditation on the Lord’s qualitites and pastimes and a lot of Kirtans. We have invited many great souls to be here with us:

– HH Srila Sacinandana Maharaja (Confirmed arriving at Saturday, Sep. 1st)
– Our GBC represntaive for ISKCON Germany-Austria HG M. Dina Sharana Devi Dasi
– HG Madhavananda Prabhu & HG Krshna Kund Mataji  (Confirmed)
– Amala Harinama and family (Confirmed)
– Ramanaji (Confirmed)
– And many more wonderful and talented Devotees

Here is the tentative schedule:

Friday, August 31st, 5 p.m. – Arrival and beginning of the Festival

HDG Srila Prabhupada

Saturday, September 1st, First Kirtan Day
Sunday, September 2nd – Second Kirtan Day followed by Mahabharata drama (2 hours) with Gaura lila Prabhu (Sunday evening)
Monday,  September 3rd – Sri Krishna Janmastami
Tuesday,  September 4th – Srila Prabhupada’s Vyasapuja,  
End of the festival
The detailed Schedule will be posted here: 

Birthday Present For Sri Krishna

HH Sacinandana Swami

Loving exchanges toward the Lord can be expressed in our hearing about him, chanting his glories and names, praying in a heartfelt way and also by bringing him gifts. That is actually recommended every time we visit the Lord.

For the appearance day of the Lord, gifts are even more appreciated. The list of what could be pleasing to the Lord is unlimited. It starts with leave, water and devotion and can extend to Kitchen equipment, various groceries, spices, saffron and most beautiful jewelry.
Coming to a birth day without present is always a bit embarrassing. Therefore, we would like to invite you into a meditation, a prayer: What Can I offer to Sri Sri Radha Madana Mohan? In this simple mediation, this simple prayer, the Lord will certainly inspire you in the heart about what they would like most, coming from your hands. Here starts the loving exchange: How can I please you? What can I bring for you?
Everyone is welcome to also write a short letter as a personal offering to the Deities and add to the gifts.
Your gifts will be offered in a special moment to Krishna on his birthday, where the Pujaris will accept the presents in the name of the Deities and bless the devotee with the lotus feet of Krishna.


HG Madhavananda Prabhu

HG Madhavananda Prabhu

* Camper: 8,-€
* Ashram floor with your own Sleeping bag & mat 10,-€
* Ashram floor including simple beddings 15,-€

If you wish to reserve a separate room, we recommend that you reserve your room in this place which is in walking distance from train station Neubrücke Nahe: :
We offer free Shuttle service twice a days-(fixed timings Morning -evening)
Further shuttle services will be charged 5,-/drive.

If you have your own car, we suggest you to look for some other accommodation:

Notice: Our small guest house is reserved for senior devotees, invited VIP guests and families

Mahabharata Live Performance on Sunday 6 pm

Festival fee: Including Prasadam (Vegetarian & Vegan food)

* 15,-EUR
* Children from 6-12 half price


Please note that organizing this festival is beyond the financial possibilities of our temple and we want to ask you to kindly support this endavour by a generous donation which will be used for this purpose only. You can send your donations via PayPal (find link on the right side of our page) or wire transfer to our account:

ISKCON Abentheuer Goloka Dhama e,V.
Kreissparkasse Birkenfeld
Kto. 21260729, BLZ: 56250030
IBAN: DE07 5625 0030 0021 2607 29
Reference: Donation Janmastami + Your legal name

We can issue an official donation receipt for you!


If you wish to join the festival, please register before August 27th under the following link:


Please note: Immediately after your registration, you will see an automatic confirmation. If possible print it out or save it on your computer for later reference.
We do not send separate confirmations per email.

Notice: Our capacity for the asramas are limited and the first bookings will get the chance to actually stay in the ashrams. 

Daily visitors are always welcome. Please resgister to allow us to calculate for food, etc.  

Thank you very much for your attention and we will be glad to greet you in this wonderful and spiritual event.

Your servants from the festival organization