ISKCON Leadership and Management Course

From 2nd-5th of June, 2018

Dear devotees

Please accept my happy and humble obeisances. All glories to Srila Prabhupada.

We would like to invite you to a Leadership and Management Course (LMC).

After 6 years of serving as a temple president, without a proper training, it has become so clear that all the mistakes I made were sadly enough having a deep impact on the direct lives of the devotees.

I have also noticed that goodwill (such as what most of us have) is just not enough to bring our temples to a wonderful and dignified state. Training is required. Many devotees have been placed in leadership services because of situations which were urgent. Without training, they have often been discouraged and even burnt out. However, to be proactively trained before
taking on any responsibility, would be highly encouraging for all potential leaders.

This course will be supportive towards temple presidents, vice presidents and all other devotees who have leadership positions (head of department) etc. This course will also be very inspiring for young devotees who have a natural ability for being leaders or managers.

The Leadership Management Course(LMC) will be overseen very competently by H.G. Anuttama Prabhu. It will take place from 2nd to 5th June 2018 in Goloka Dhama temple in Germany.

It will consist of 6.5 hours daily and attendance of the entire course is compulsory. The price for accommodation and Prasadam will be €20 per day + Daksina to our revered teacher, Anuttama Prabhu. If the price should impede someone from receiving this training then we would be happy to accept a contributory donation.

Your servant,

Gaurahari dasa


HG Anuttama Prabhu

The ISKCON Leadership and Management Course is an intensive, principle based training course that teaches skills in public speaking, delegation, team building, strategic planning, time management, communications, accountability and assessment, and more. This hands-on course, available in four or six day versions, was designed by ISKCON senior managers and educators and utilizes both devotional and professional management resources. The course is also fun, great association, and very practical.

Instructor:  Anuttama dasa, GBC Member

Minister, ISKCON Communications

HG Jaya Krishna Prabhu

The Leadership and Management Course helped me to better understand myself as a person and as a leader.  It was a very engaging and interactive course and filled with essential information to improve leadership techniques. Most importantly, I left the course understanding more about the leader I am with the development of my leadership philosophy. Personally, in my corporate career, I took many training programs but this was by far the most educational, engaging, and enjoyable! The class taught me new leadership skills and expanded on the ones that I had. Anuttama Dasa, the facilitator’s real-world examples were great and I enjoyed the interactive dialogue that occurred between the other participants. I highly recommend taking the course, and repeating it whenever possible. I certainly will. 

Jaya Krsna dasa, President New Vrindavana Community
former Executive Director of Bhaktivedanta College, Radhadesh


HH Jayaadvaita Swami

This is a first-class professional course in knowledge and skills that every effective leader and manager ought to have. It’s not a plea for better management, disguised in the form of a seminar. It’s not touchy-feely New Age stuff. This is a high-quality professional-level course, full of knowledge, skills and insights that will prove invaluable for any devotee serving as a leader or manager, either in ISKCON or even in the material world. Far more than just lectures, it includes lots of experiential learning–you learn by doing. Even experienced ISKCON managers will find it worthwhile.

Though this course will be valuable for all ISKCON leaders and managers, I recommend it particularly to young devotees, „second generation“ either by birth or otherwise. Old dinosaurs like me will have to endure the fact that we spent several decades as managers and leaders without the benefit of the systematic education this course offers. Young devotees can do a whole lot better.

Jayavaita Swami, Former BBT Trustee


I would like to express my appreciation for the Leadership course in Mayapura. I found it both enlightening, providing essential tools and skills indispensable for my service; and entertaining, it was a wonderful presentation.

HH Guru Prasad Swami

I lament that I did not have these tools before. They are all logical, simple to understand and easy to put into practice. There is no doubt in my mind that had we taken more care to emulate the unique qualities of Srila Prabhupada in his dealings and command of the devotees, we would have deemed it crucial to train our leaders in the same skills.

I would not only recommend this course for every devotee who has leadership responsibilities, but emphasize it as a must. Even those who are not directly involved in management or leading others will find this course useful in everyday interactions in a world where decision-making is a must.

Your servant, Guru Prasad Swami, GBC Member


As a Senior Manager working for a large international company I have been on programmes of a similar kind and the course that you are presenting is very much in the mould of a mini MBA programme. This kind of programme is very much needed as a general management toolset in our ISKCON temples and Srila Prabhupada must certainly be very pleased…

In my opinion the course has given all temple managers and leaders the necessary tools with which to properly manage ISKCON’s temples in South Africa. It is a course that has been needed for a long time. Even though many of the temples had started applying various methods to address their specific needs and requirements, this particular course has now consolidated all the right techniques and strategies into a programme that certainly adds value to ISKCON.

Syamasundara das,  Co-President ISKCON Pretoria

Senior Divisional Manager: Group Audit Services, DaimlerChrysler- South Africa