Mahabharata Live Performance During Janmastami Festival

Sunday, September 2; starting at 6:00 p.m.

A Dramatic Stage-Play with a Timeless Message

The drama group Mangala presents the largest epic in world literature as a music theatre with dance and songs. The group approaches the Mahabharata in a fresh way for the
21st century – yet remaining loyal to its spiritual tradition of India. This unique adaption is shown through the eyes of Princess Draupadi – her courage, wisdom and devotion remain exemplary to this very day.

The play contains 15 scenes, covering the major episodes, such as the birth of Draupadi, the game of dice, the endless sari, the exile, the Yaksha challenging Yudhisthira, Krishna as messenger of peace, the Bhagavad-Gita, the war, unconditional forgiveness and an epilogue – the Mahabharata’s message for today.

The scenes and main characters are presented with eight actors, most of them playing
more than one role. The entire performance is supported by live music and 15 extras (non-speaking actors). They are recruited locally.

2016 and 2017, Mangala successfully toured Switzerland, presenting Mahabharata at cultural events, Indian festivals, museums, churches, etc. In 2018, Mahabharata finally comes to Germany.

Cast (in alphabetical order)

André Howe (Bhima), Guido von Arx (Rishi; Shakuni); Jonas Goltz (Drupada; Duryodhana; Yaksha); Kajan Nava (Yudhisthira); Nora Hawwari (Draupadi); Roberto Casagrande (war narrator; Dushasana; Ashwattama); Suganthan Rajendran (Arjuna); Yana Matvyeyeva (Krishna; Kunti)


Simon Krauer; Christian Hochstrasser

Script & direction

Guido von Arx

Promotion & Fundraising

Brigitte Lelling (Kanupriya Dasi)


The entire play lasts 2 hours, plus a break of about 20 min. after scene 7.

Starting time

5:00 p.m.

Age recommendation

 young spectators should be at least 8-10 years old


For participants of the Janmastami Festival, admission to the Theatre performance is free. Otherwise the following prices apply:
– Advance sale: 15 Euro (reduced 10 Euro)
– Box office: 20 Euro (concessions 15 Euro)

Advance booking:

The theater performance takes place in a large tent. Please bring warm clothing if necessary.


As you are aware, I have seen Mahabharata in various forms – both European and Indian versions. You did a wonderful job! Congratulations to the entire team for their great performance.

Ramakant Rathi
Managing Director
Birla AG, CH-6300 Zug, Switzerland


Ich muss dem gesamten Schauspiel- und Musikerteam ein grosses Kompliment machen für die tolle Produktion und die grossartige Präsenz auf der Bühne! Ich habe durchwegs positive Reaktionen erhalten. Sehr zufriedene Zuschauer/innen gingen an jenem Abend nach Hause.

Annette Bossart

Regionale Fachstelle Integration
Gossau – St.Gallen – Rorschach
ARGE Integration Ostschweiz