Seminar: Manage your beliefs

From August 15th to 18th 

The seminar – Manage your believes will be given by Aditi dd but on the basis of Mahatma Prabhu’s seminar.

Beliefs determine our actions and relations on a subconscious level. This seminar, given by Mahatma Prabhu’s (ACBSP), wants to show you, how to change your beliefs. We can improve our sadhana, our japa, our relationships and so much more in our lifes. Very often these beliefs are coming from our childhood and block us for the whole life, Usually they are in our sub-consciousness and we think our reactions are normal.  

HG Mahatma Prabhu

Personally I became easily angry and reacted heavy. I tried my things to change my behaviour, without success. After the seminar with Mahatma Prabhu and some practise it became better and better. Today I hardly become angry anymore. I changed my belief.

This seminar contains 4 x 3 h. The topics are: introduction, Relationships, anger and Sadhana. There will be many exercises. 

Aditi devi dasi

Aditi dasi; in 1999 I met the devotees in Mayapur and lived most of the time of my Krsna consciousness in the holy dhama in India. I performed many different services, like pujari, trainer for pujaris, teaching seminars, in Mayapur we established a care team. In 2015 Mahatma Prabhu accepted me as siksa disciple, which is an amazing benefit and a great wealth for my spiritual life and my personal growth.

Seminar fee and accomodation

– 10€ per day for prasada (vegetarian food) 
– 10€ per night/ Person in ashram (with your own sleeping bag) 
– 25€ Single  and shared rooms can booked in the guesthouse 

For registration & accomodation please wrote an email to: