Seminar: Spiritual Rebirth

From 7th to 10th May, 2018 daily from 17:00 to 18:30 O’Clock

Short description: 
The seminar is aimed at discussing the matters regarding one’s spiritual rebirth, being rid of duality and greed. It brings into discussion the way one is able to revive one’s profound emotional connection with Krishna’s family, i.e. eternal sat-sanga and unity within a variegated
atmosphere of love and co-operation with the view of satisfying Lord Krishna in devotional service.

Full description:
A two days seminar description. „Co-operation in Krishna consciousness“.
SB 4.30.8.

The seminar discusses the matter of devotees‘ reunion based on a single nature – that of a servant -, as well as having a common purpose: serving God. In Kali-yuga one obtains strength only through sanga, that is, within a group of people united by a common purpose: only then does Shakti manifests itself, and the group or institution, gains enough strength to influence our Movement’s consciousness.

By being engaged in a common activity, everyone is then able to reveal his/her higher form of individuality whilst being given an objective aimed at realizing a common purpose. Members being united at heart, will then engage each other according to their respective individuality in healthy competition, co-operation, kindness, humbleness and mutual respect.

This will lead to a gradual purification of one’s heart by the following:
– being rid of envy;
– becoming able to feel joy for the success and achievements of others
– positive attitude changes which become exemplified by other devotees‘ good qualities;
– blessing equal vision to each and every person.

The seminar will also bring into question the way devotees can progress from a position of „an enjoyer and controller“ to that of „a servant“. Moreover, the way one can accept and get through Our Lord’s lessons to become more sincere and humble by His mercy will be discussed.
By accepting such lessons with a grateful heart, we start to realize our true destination, which is to please the Supreme Enjoyer. By doing so, one’s false ego gradually makes way for our true self.

Gratitude is a principle which renders the heart a sweeter, by which envy is removed. A sincere desire to serve Krsna gives an opportunity to overcome all possible obstacles.

Thus, love may manifest as the higher form of unity in our desire to please the Lord by manifesting our eternal nature: that of His servant.

Hence, we can satisfy Srila Prabhupada who is Krsna’s representative, who said once: „Your love to me will be shown by how much you cooperate with each other.“

About Ila kanti devi dasi

Mataji Ila Kanti devi dasi is a member of senior mataji
sanga of ISKCON Moscow community, she also participates in the sanga of
“The School of Mentorship” governed by HH Bhakti Vijnana Goswami Maharaj.
She leads a nama-hatta and educational programs for devotees. Being also a
member of ISKCON Germany she is preaching Krishna Consciousness on the
territory of Germany and other European countries.

Seminar fee and accomodation

– 10€ per day for prasada (vegetarian food) 
– 10€ per night/ Person in ashram (with your own sleeping bag) 
– 25€ Single  and shared rooms can booked in the guesthouse 

For registration & accomodation please wrote an email to: