Newsletter April 2020

Dear friends and devotees, Hare Krsna!


We hope that you are all in good health and good spirits despite the difficulties caused by the Corona Virus. Our temple is completely closed and the residents are also staying secluded. Despite such situations, keeping Lord Krsna in the centre and taking shelter at His lotus feet are our main focus.

Srila Prabhupada´s words regarding the world situation

This is a part of a lecture that Srila Prabhupada gave in Honolulu on 31st May 1976


How you can violate Nature's law? It is not possible. Nature's law is so strict, a little deviation will put you into suffering. This is going on. That is Yamaraja. And if you violate more and more and more, then you suffer more and more and more. This is the law. You cannot escape…..In God's law there is no such thing that if you kill a human being you'll be killed, and if you kill an animal you won't be killed. That is imperfect law, man-made law….


So you are suffering. You are maintaining so many slaughterhouses, and when it will be mature, there will be war, wholesale murder. Finished. One atom bomb—finished. You'll have to suffer. Don't think that "Innocent animals, they cannot protest. Let us kill and eat." No. You'll be also punished. Wait for accumulation of your sinful activities, and there will be war. Go on now enjoying. It takes time. Just like even if you infect some disease, it takes time. Not that immediately you infect, and immediately the disease is there. No. It takes a week's time or so. What is called? A quarantine, quarantine...... So we should be very careful….This human form of life is a chance to make your choice, whether you are to go on being punished like this in different forms of life or whether you shall go back to home, back to Godhead. Here is the chance.


Social media in a new dress


We take great pleasure in announcing the opening of our new web page. It was a great wish to get our web page redesigned and by the help of Bhagavat Dharma, who initiated the change, and Bhavini who worked tirelessly on the beautiful new design, we can now present this splendid web page. Please visit us at:


We also want to express our deep gratitude to Vaisnava who was creating and maintaining our web page for more than 20 years.


This new step is also inspiring us to connect more with the world and become relevant and inspiring for many people who are looking for answers in their lives. We sincerely wish to present Srila Prabhupada´s mission in a relevant way for the contemporary world. A great thank you also to Laura for her marketing advices.


New construction

Our construction team is meeting once a week and the members are all very eager and serious about moving forward with giving a new life to Goloka Dhama. In parallel with the Bebauungsplan (permission for new construction), we have already started some renovations in the Guest house building. There we wish to prepare small flats with bathroom and kitchen in order to accommodate comfortably couples who will serve fully the mission of Goloka Dhama.


Another area of renovation is in the Bach house where the pizzeria will get new furniture to increase the comfort of our guests and where one room will be dedicated for seminars and meetings.


Vaijayanti and her garden team are also in action and are getting help from a landscape architect to finalise the master plan. They have already done a lot of cleaning and spacing to allow other gardens and parks to manifest. The team want to combine beauty and inspiration by making some replica of the Holy Dhama.


Finally, the last area of renovation is taking place in the temple building where the old terrace will be transformed into a winter garden thus allowing our prasadam room (eating room) to grow and enable around 50 people to sit comfortably to honour prasadam. The top flor will accommodate our Holy Tulasi plants with a lot of sun light.


Hoping that this news finds you healthy and inspired, we humbly send our best wishes and gratitude for your support


On behalf of the community,

your servant, Gaurahari dasa