Newsletter June 2020

Dear devotees and friends, Hare Krsna!

We are happy to share with you the latest news of our community. In this newsletter you will read about:


  1. The feedback from bhaktin Jennifer about her bhakta course experience
  2. How to deal with problems?
  3. Words of gratitude to Sri Manjari dd 

What am I taking with me from the Bhakta course? (by Jennifer)

Reflecting on what I have learnt in the last two months during the Bhakta course in Goloka Dhama, I am amazed by how deeply I have dived into the philosophy and the practice of Krishna consciousness.


I feel very grateful for what I can only see as Krishna's divine arrangement, guiding my sister and me to Goloka Dhama to listen to transcendental wisdom in a time of global crisis, and for all the teachers who nevertheless facilitated the course. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to learn from you and to be inspired by your examples in living Krishna consciousness with so much enthusiasm and an open heart to share your wisdom with others.


Having touched on many different topics of Krishna consciousness, from Vaisnava etiquette to the creation of the universe, I felt myself becoming more and more humbled by what I know and what there is to know. I feel that there is a vast ocean of knowledge about Krishna and everything connected to Him. How beautiful it has all been, learning about and understanding Him and His qualities, which are never ending and are eternally blissful.


All the topics that we had discussed were interesting and attractive (just like Krishna is) - each day was filled with new insights and realisations. I really do hope that I will remember at least some part of everything that I have learnt and keep it fixed in my heart as a spiritual compass throughout my life. I especially appreciated the deity worship course: learning how to worship Tulasi Devi and how to perform Guru-Arati.


What I valued the most during the whole Bhakta course was the personal approach by the teachers, who shared so many stories, personal realisations and experiences. Everything was so valuable especially for someone like me, who is a novice on the path to Krishna consciousness.


Apart from the philosophical matters I have learnt throughout the course, I have also learnt a lot about myself; about my strengths and weaknesses, where I could improve myself spiritually, how important it is to be patient and the importance of good association with devotees in order to progress in spiritual life.


How to deal with problems?

This inspiration was given by Shubha Vilasa Prabhu, the author of “Open Eye Meditation”


Now that everything moves so fast in the world: fast-food, fast-cars, fast-orders on internet etc… we naturally want fast solutions to our fast problems. Patience appears to have become a quality that is increasingly difficult to cultivate.


In fact, many problems do not need to be solved; they just need to be tolerated. This type of problem solving is called “delayed management”. Rather than attempting to find a quick fix solution, just delay trying to find a solution. With time, many things change (situations, needs, moods etc…). But most of all our maturity level changes. Time is a good baker but we have to be patient whilst the cake is baking. Even gaps whilst playing a drum, actually enhance the musical melody. So likewise, not doing anything is in itself a solution.


An intelligent problem solver is not one who solves all problems, but one who knows which problems to solve and which to tolerate.


Words of Gratitude

This month we would like to express our gratitude to Sri Manjari dd for her wonderful and dedicated service to the community. Sri Manjari is serving as an active member of our devotee care team and she is also regularly teaching yoga to the community and beyond. She is very skilled in helping people in relaxing, cakra healing etc… For at least a month, Sri Manjari has been running a new Facebook page called: “Goloka Dhama Bhakti Yoga Retreat Centre” in which she posts beautiful and inspiring quotes and some news about what is happening in Goloka Dhama. You are most welcome to visit and like this page.
A big thank you to Sri Manjari for her dedicated service!


With our sincere gratitude for your support,

On behalf of the Goloka Dhama community,

your servant,

Gaurahari dasa