Seminar: Ayurveda in Your Daily Life

From: 22nd until 23th November, 2019

Ayurveda is an ancient science of healing and, even more, a way of life. By living according to our nature, eating the things that are suitable for us, understanding our own physical and mental make-up on a deeper level, we can live a very happy and healthy life. To achieve this Ayurveda can guide us in the most Divine and beautiful way…

Are you interested in learning how to apply the Ayurvedic concepts into your Daily Life?
Come join us for the seminar Ayurveda in your Daily Life! We will go explore our own personal lives, according to the Ayurvedic principles. Step by step, you will learn how to make your own diet and lifestyle plan that is both suitable for your own constitution and very enjoyable at the same time!

We will go into Ayurvedic Psychology: you will learn to understand your own behavior and that of those around you. Why do we act the way we do? How can we change negative patterns and boost our positive ones?

We will learn about diet: why is not every kind of food suitable for everyone? What foods bring you out of balance? Which foods will help you stay healthy? How can we cleanse our bodies in a very simple way through diet?

We will go into the 4 seasons… every season has its own energy. How can you make sure you stay healthy in each of them?

Frederieke Couvee

This and much more… we will explore during this two day seminar, taught by Frederieke Couvee (NL).

About Frederieke Couvee: she has been studying, practising and teaching Ayurveda since 2005. She is the founder of Divine Ayurveda, a successfull Ayurveda practise and school in the Netherlands. Frederieke is a passionate teacher whose aim is to inspire others towards a balanced and happy life.


Two days seminar: € 85.-
Personal Ayurvedic Consultation € 45.-

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