The European Solidarity Corps

Dear Readers,

The European Union has provided the Goloka Dhama e. V. (Hare Krishna Temple) in Abentheuer for the year 2021 funds to implement general-benefit projects. This support of the EU carries the name “THE EUROPEAN SOLIDARITY CORPS”. With the help of this money the “youth” (18 to 30 year olds) should offer something for the surrounding communities. The events should be in the surrounding area and help the local people. In the beginning there were 7 of us who set up the projects. The goal is to create a networked with each other and thus also bring young and old together. A society that connects, inspires, helps and responds. Our motto is: “Ways to serenity in times of crisis”. We, the organizers, should learn something as well as the participants. The projects are free for all participants. These costs are covered by the EU*.


During Corona time it is difficult to organize physical events. That’s why we limit ourselves either to online presentations like in March or to outdoor excursions where the participants go on a trip alone (e.g. in private groups like their own family or household) and get to know the surroundings better.


Below you can have a look at the previous projects or find out about upcoming ones.



April 2021

Dear hiking friends and Abnet(h)eurer,

We invite you to an approximately one-hour hike in the forest for the whole family. Your map on your cell phone will navigate you to certain points where you can solve tasks. If you have solved all the tasks correctly, you will receive a small reward at the end. Have fun.


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