A spiritual Community

Goloka Dhama was founded in 1996 in the beautiful forest landscape of the idyllic Hundsrück National Park. The former wooden mill has been transformed into a spiritual oasis of contemplation, healing and development, amidst old trees, crystal clear streams and enchanting forest clearings.


The many forest paths invite you to take long walks in the clean, fresh air, where you will only meet playful deer and watchful foxes. On our property the landscape is equally beautiful and inviting - a peacefully murmuring brook meanders alongside meadows with apple trees and colourful flowers, which are gladly visited by dancing bumblebees, butterflies and a multitude of twittering birds.

The Bhakti Retreat Centre - Food for body and soul

In our community live monks, nuns, students and also families of the Bhakti Yoga tradition. We live by the spiritual values of purity, compassion, integrity and dedicated service. The heart of our spiritual practice is mantra meditation.


Our guests have the opportunity to participate in our daily kirtans, services and lectures, but they can also use the days with us for personal retreats and hikes in the national park.


In our popular temple shop you will find books of Bhakti Yoga, CDs with spiritual music, incense sticks, malas, traditional clothes, spiritual homemade sweets, organic honey and much more.

Retreats, Seminars & Yoga

Throughout the year various seminars are held by many renowned spiritual masters and experienced international teachers. Topics range from yoga to mantra chanting, from astrology to the deep teachings of bhakti yoga and practical courses such as Ayurvedic cooking classes and beekeeping.

Room and board

There are simple guest rooms or even sleeping places in the inspiring atmosphere of the traditional ashram to take the necessary time out, to process the new impressions and to recharge the inner batteries.

We serve our guests daily with love freshly prepared vegetarian and vegan food.


At the heart of our community is the daily loving worship of our Sri Sri Radha-Madana Mohan by our priests. Already for 20 years in the only Radha Krishna temple in Germany the millennia-old ceremonies of Bhakti Yoga have been performed, lectures have been given, retreats and courses have been offered and the joyful common mantra chanting has been practiced.

Through the numerous seminars, the traditional ceremonies or simply through inner reflection, many guests leave us inspired with deep, life-changing impressions.