Newsletter June 2022

Dear devotees and Friends of Radha Madana Mohan,

Please accept our best wishes, all glories to Srila Prabhupada!

This month we would like to share with you a report about a yajna seminar, an European gathering for youth, information about Future events and an article about the inner meaning of the Ratha Yatra by Jaya Sacinandana Prabhu.

Fire Ceremony Course in Goloka Dhama (by Damodara Priya)

Since 2010, courses on Deity worship have been held in Goloka Dhama where the basics in Deity worship up to the puja with 16 objects (upacaras) to Sri-Sri-Radha-Krishna are taught. A long cherished desire was to also pass on the process of the fire ceremony. It was Srila Prabhupada's desire to establish the varnashrama system in the ISKCON movement, for which qualified brahmanas capable of performing the samskaras (fire ceremonies) for the community members were imperative. Each devotee community should have at least 1 if not 2 brahmanas who can perform such ceremonies.


From 2014 to 2016 Mukunda Datta Prabhu, head-pujari of ISKCON Vrindavan, was invited to Goloka Dhama to systematically train the temple-pujaris in performing the main ceremonies such as wedding ceremony, name-giving ceremony etc. Then in 2016, a first 4-hour yajna course was held, which was resumed in 2018 and expanded to a 2-part seminar, but it did not fructify.

At the beginning of 2022, the topic was taken up once more and the course was extended to 4 parts, of which 3 parts were on-line and the 4th part, as a conclusion, took place on site in Goloka Dhama. With a group of 10 interested participants we started in March to work step by step through the first parts and, this time we were given the "green light" by Krishna to conclude the final part of the course in Goloka Dhama.


Many participants, from Munich, Berlin, Cologne, Wiesbaden and even from Switzerland, came to attend the final part of the course on site. We had a wonderful weekend with a full schedule. Each participant was given the opportunity to perform two fire ceremonies independently and to participate in a "real" samskara on Sunday.


The course successfully concluded on Sunday afternoon with a small closing yajna and the awarding of certificates to its participants. - May this course be followed by many more like itself in the future.


European training meeting

At the last week-end of May, Goloka Dhama hosted 6 devotees from different European countries (France, Spain, Hungary, Slovenia, Ukraine and Sweden), who have been collaborating together in a 3 year project. This project is called: “Rural entrepreneurship for youth” and is aiming to help youth to become entrepreneurs. Srila Prabhupada did sometimes advice his householder disciples that it would be better for them to have jobs that allowed them to be independent from the materialist system and thus have enough time to invest in their own spiritual life while at the same time cultivating the income necessary for their livelihood.


Nine devotees have been minutely working on this project, having regular online meetings to discuss and making action plans for this project. This meeting in Goloka Dhama was the first physical meeting on location for the participants. Some of them could only join online.


Those devotees spent 4 days with a lot of meetings and also visited the Govinda Factory, Abelia company (aiming to help older devotees with physical and emotional care). Other devotees who were good in the area of Rural entrepreneurship shared their inspirations with the youth.


Up-coming events


This month of June has a lot of inspiring events and the most amazing is the first Ratha Yatra festival in Trier with Lord Jaganath from Radhadesh! A big thank you to bhakta Elias for organising this event in its entirety.

  • Saturday 11th – 6 hours kirtan
  • Saturday 18th - Ratha Yatra in Trier
  • 20th to 23th Visit of Bhakti Prabhava Swami and Vraja Sundara Prabhu.

Maharaja will give a seminar called: “The Heart of Uddhava-gita, Beyond Renunciation of Knowledge” and is aiming to present the pure consciousness of the Brajavasis and to pinpoint their exalted position by explaining some of symptoms of Vraja Prema. This seminar will also be broadcast live on Facebook.

  • 25th to 26th: Vaisnava etiquette seminar with Jaya Sacinandana Prabhu.

In Western countries most people have never been exposed to the Vedic standards of behaviour. Therefore, there is a great need to educate spiritual recruits on how to worship Krishna while still connected to the material world. This, proper attitude, is called Vaishnava etiquette.

The inner meaning of Ratha Yatra

If you come to Vrindavan, I shall be happy.

The centuries old Ratha Yatra festival in Puri, India draws thousands of adherents every year to glorify the Lord of the universe known as Jagannatha. Three colossal wooden carts are meticulously carved by the best craftsmen. On that day, three deities Jagannatha, Baladeva and Subhadra leave their temple and are placed on these well decorated carts. The carts are pulled by ropes for two miles to another temple called Gundica.


Caitanya Mahaprabhu, the preeminent incarnation of our times, reveals that besides the jubilant and colourful celebration, this procession has an inner and more intimate meaning. The Ratha-Yatra recreates the event when Kṛiṣhṇa and His entourage left their residence in Dvaraka and came to Kurukshetra to observe the festival of the solar eclipse. Upon hearing this news, the residents of Vrindavan swiftly travelled to meet Krishna there. Their hearts were already dried up from not drinking the nectar drops of Krishna´s glances, smiles and touches. Srimati Radharani, Krishna´s most intimate companion was the happiest to see Him. However, she expressed Her reservation that the festival in Kuruksetra was to be attended by many notable personalities such as kings, princesses, soldiers and great sages. She observed that although They were the same Krishna and Radharani, the place of Their meeting was not suitable. Furthermore, Krishna had become a royal king, but Radha yearned to see Him as a simple cowherd in the forest of Vrindavan. She concluded by wanting to take Him back there. Then She would be happy. Therefore, Radharani and her girlfriends pulled the cart which carried Krishna intending to bring Him to Vrindavan. Srila Prabhupada remarked that these sentiments were declared by Lord Caitanya Himself because His worship was in the mood of Radharani.


Hoping that this newsletter will be inspiring, we take the opportunity to address our profound gratitude for your continual support.


On behalf of the community;

Your servant,

Gaurahari dasa