Newsletter March 2021

Dear devotees and friends of Krsna,
Please accept our best wishes, all glories to our founder acarya Srila Prabhupada!
After a long and cold winter, under strict Covid rules and without the opportunity to host and serve guests, we finally got a great wave of mercy from the visits of H.H.Sacinandana Swami and Kadamba Kana Swami. In this newsletter we would like to share with you the interior of Gaura-Bhavini during the Vyasa Puja festival with H.H.Sacinandana Swami and some good news about training in Bhakti Yoga.

Nityananda Festival 2021

Surprisingly, Sacinandana Swami decided to come to Goloka Dhama on short notice to celebrate Nityananda‘s appearance day and his birthday here.   

Like so many things during this time, this year‘s festival was different from others. Only a limited number of visitors were able to come to the temple room, doing so by appointment and under hygiene regulations, to see Nityananda directly on the altar and to watch the abishek. However, thanks to modern technology, many more people were able to participate in this wonderful festival and obtain the mercy of Nityananda. The Pujaris, as always, had decorated the altar most tastefully to the delight of Radha and Krishna. Although only the „pre-registered“ devotees were allowed onto the altar, somehow the opportunity to watch the Abhishek live, without having to struggle for oxygen and a seat, was very, very much appreciated and happily attended by the people present. The younger generation (Hari Vyasadeva and Gour Krishna) delighted everyone with their sensitive and rousing kirtan.

In the evening, the radiant full moon, Balarama‘s „torchlight“ as Mahanidhi Swami had once said, appeared in its majestic tranquillity over the tall forest, outshining a fulfilling day of inspiring lectures, kirtans, abisheka and prasadam. But above it all, we missed the interaction with the guest devotees who usually arrive here at festival times, but the internet provided quite different opportunities for that, which otherwise fell short. On the next day there were many extraordinary presentations on the occasion of Sacinandana Swami‘s birthday, all shown by zoom on the big screen in the temple room. This gave a direct insight into the many service possibilities that devotees around the world were doing or had invented (soup distribution for the homeless and needy in NYC at Covid times, song presentation with electric guitar from New Zealand, vacation travel accompaniment of young people in a bus across the USA, the Braj Care Project in Vrindavan, Bhagavati‘s „round trip in Vrindavan“ etc.). Very creative and inspiring!

A golden opportunity

We have pleasure in announcing that the teachers of Goloka Dhama are presenting an amazing opportunity for taking new steps towards spiritual realisation by teaching a bhakta course for 2021. This opportunity will be given to online students (theory only) as well as ashram residents (for a deeper experience and practical workshops like cooking, musical instruments and deity worship).

The online course will be based on the philosophy, theology and explanation of spiritual practice. Those following the course as ashram residents will get deeper into spiritual practices, benefits from the spiritual atmosphere of the temple, learn practical devotional skills like playing musical instruments, Vedic cuisine and deity worship.

If you are interested in such devotional training, please register with Damodara Priya at:

Feeling privileged to serve and assist you in our tiny efforts to serve Srila Prabhupada,
On behalf of the Community,
Your servant,
Gaurahari dasa