Newsletter May 2020

Dear friends of Radha Madana Mohan

Please accept our best wishes


We sincerely hope that you are in good health and are not experiencing too much trouble in view of the current world situation.


This month, we have the pleasure of presenting a small article by Madanalasa about the experience she had serving in the temple, with young devotees, attending the bhakta course and Lord Narasimhadeva’s protection.

My Goloka Dhama experience

Once I had heard from devotees that when you want to visit some temple you need to pray to the Deities of that temple for Their mercy so that They may accept you in Their home. So I did just that when I decided to come to Goloka Dhama and saw Their beautiful arrangements regarding my arrival plans. I was supposed to go to the temple on a Friday but somehow I decided to change my ticket and go two days earlier. I did not know how and why but I just did it. I said to myself, Madanalasa you are going today. So when I arrived in Goloka Dhama, I heard from my friends that they had just closed all the borders on the day that I was initially supposed to come.


So what can one say to that? Sri Sri Radha Madana Mohan took care of everything! So They have put me under the best possible quarantine order. Beautiful temple, deities, devotees, nature and what to speak about prasadam! It is amazing how devotees care about each other and make all arrangements to please everyone, both materially and spiritually. I had a feeling that everything here was going to help me to go deeper in my relationship with Radha Madan Mohan. Sometimes these situations are easy and sometimes they are not so easy for the mind, but with the mercy of Guru and devotees I can really see how my conceptions are changing and how I am growing as a person and as a devotee.


That is, in my opinion, the best thing when you are living in a spiritual community. You are far away from your daily routines and your comfort zone and then you can view new things, learn new skills, meet different personalities and all of these help you to become a more mature person and see things from deeper perspective. It is not about me anymore, it is about Sri Sri Radha Madan Mohan and how can we cooperate and please Them with all our deficiencies/differences.


Youth enjoy their stay in Goloka Dhama

Shortly before the Corona virus pandemic started in Germany, three male volunteers came to our community with the desire to stay for a month. Two young girls also join us at that time to follow the bhakta course. For more than two months now, these young devotees have enjoyed learning all the arts of devotional service; from philosophy to cooking and music. As most of our European countries have been closed and a strong wave of fear has struck people’s hearts. These young people were truly glad to have been locked-down in a spiritual community where the presence of the Supreme Lord eclipses all the anxieties that have come forth from the present situation.


Together with two other young devotees from our community, they have all started to regularly sing the Maha Mantra together in the evening. They also prepared two dramas. Their presence has also brought some fresh enthusiasm and freshness to the residents of Goloka Dhama. On Sunday 10th May the bhakta course concluded with a beautiful yajna to seal the impressions of their studies deep within their hearts. We would like to take this opportunity to thank all the teachers for the Bhakta course: Damodara Priya for the main organisation of the bhakta course and teaching philosophy, deity worship and Guru disciple course, Vaijayanti and Gaurahari for teaching spiritual practices and theology, Advitya Baladeva for teaching philosophy and musical instruments, Mahima for amazing cooking courses and bhaktin Anna for teaching instruments.


The protection of Lord Narasimhadeva

A few days ago, we celebrated the appearance of Lord Narasimhadeva, who is well-known for giving His dear devotees protection. Presently, whilst the world is under the shadow of this virus and simultaneously under a barrage of innumerable speculations about whether the world would become even worse, a dark cloud of fear hovers over the human race.


However, people with faith in God will get a golden opportunity to earnestly turn towards their beloved Lord for protection. Being unlimited, the Lord has many different facets and one of them is especially competent for removing this dark cloud of fear. Turning to Him in a mood of service and devotion will grant one all protection.


Srila Prabhupada wrote in Srimad Bhagavatam (9.4.28): A devotee, being always engaged in the service of the Lord, may not be an expert in self-defence, but because a devotee fully depends on the lotus feet of the Supreme Personality of Godhead, he is always asasured of protection by the Lord. Prahlada Maharaja said:


A devotee is always immersed in an ocean of transcendental bliss by rendering service to the Lord. Therefore he is not at all afraid of any adverse circumstances in the material world.


We like to conclude this newsletter by expressing our deep gratitude for the support our temple receives with a beautiful quote from the Ramayana where Lord Rama says:


 "If one surrenders unto Me sincerely, saying, 'My Lord, from this day I am fully surrendered unto You,' I always give him protection. That is My vow." (Ramayana, Yuddha-kanda 18.33)


On behalf of the Goloka Dhama community,

Your servant, Gaurahari dasa