Newsletter May 2022

Dear devotees and dear friends of Goloka Dhama,

Please accept our heartfelt good wishes, all glories to our founder Acharya Srila Prabhupada.

In this newsletter we like to share with you a small report of 2 great festivals that took place in April, a report about the Ukrainian refugee devotees, a preparation for the appearance of Lord Narasimhadeva and a poem by Govinda Rama.

Festivals in Goloka Dhama are again starting

After two long years of Corona restrictions, the devotees of Goloka Dhama were very happy to once again celebrate festivals and retreats, especially to welcome everyone with an open heart. The first event was a beautiful spring festival called “Bhakti Immersion” with H.H.Sacinandana Swami. Maharaja gave the morning philosophical lectures and astounding evening stories about Lord Krsna’s activities in the Spring season. During the day, second generation devotees were giving practical and interactive workshops on the main practices of devotional service. Sunday’s great highlight was Sri Sri Radha Madana Mohan coming out into the garden for the Swing and Holi festival. It was a new experience to celebrate Holi and it was done in a very sober and loving mood; the mood of giving and receiving the Maha Prasadam coloured powders. We were also graced by the presence of H.H. Krishna Khetra Swami who conducted some morning lectures.


Two weeks later, the disciples of H.G.Caitanya Candra Caran Prabhu decided to have a disciple meeting and initiation ceremony with their spiritual master (online) in Goloka Dhama. At the beginning, around 20 devotees were expected but very soon that number climbed up to 50. This retreat was a great success and the devotees coming from Germany and Europe were very inspired to intensify their bhakti with the association of their spiritual master and the sweet atmosphere of Goloka Dhama. The devotees who received initiation were profusely blessed by Sri Sri Radha Madana Mohan.

Solidarity project

For around 3 months, Goloka Dhama has been hosting 27 Ukrainian devotees who took shelter in our temple community. Most of them are mothers with children and they are very grateful for being able to stay in a spiritual environment. It took a little time to harmonise the needs of the temple devotees with the need of our new guests. We have been able to experience Srila Prabhupada’s saying that ISKCON in like a house for the entire world. Without knowing each individual, we have managed to accept with ease our spiritual family members. We have been able to undergo how our faith in Krsna is uniting us and allowing us to respect differences, and helping us to learn about collaboration. Some Ukrainian devotees who have been in Germany for many years have been helping with relevant documents and official procedure.

Appearance day of Lord Narasimhadeva

Very soon, Lord Narasimhadeva is going to appear and that is surely a great opportunity for a new step in our spiritual journey. Lord Narasimhadeva is well known as the one who can remove all obstacles on our journey. Until the Lord appears, it is our chance to take time to reflect about our spiritual journey; the journey of the soul. How are we doing in this world? What are the main impediments on our path? Where do we need the special help of Lord Narasimhadeva? These questions will help us tremendously if we can take a few minutes for some deeper introspection. Then when the Lord appears, we shall be ready to present our heartfelt prayers to Him. In a lecture on SB 7.9.12, Srila Prabhupada said: “To pray, you simply have to express your feelings! So what are those real feelings? One must be aware of one’s position; then one can express one’s feelings”.


This time for reflection will help us to get in touch with our position in this world and allow us to open our hearts. Imbued with a mood of humility we will then be allowed to approach Lord Narasimhadeva to beg for His help in removing the prominent obstacles along our path.


We would like to end this newsletter by sharing a poem written by Govinda Rama Prabhu who recently stayed with us in Goloka Dhama for 3 months.


We hope this newsletter will inspire your spiritual journey and we take this opportunity to express our gratitude for your long lasting support in our service.


On behalf on the Goloka Dhama community,

Your servant,

Gaurahari dasa


faith has walked the thin white line

and has stood upon the ledge

hope has broken some promises

but never a solemn pledge

now love has never felt so certain

nor has it ever felt so calm

than the moments I have lived

in the sacred space of Goloka Dham


material illusions come and go

as they silently twirl around

bringing with them the fleeting joy

that constantly will confound

yet I have felt myself shielded

from all that danger and harm

by that inconceivable forcefield

that envelops sweet Goloka Dham


seek and so much is there to see

listen and watch yourself succeed

speak and the Lord hears your plea

so simple it is for the soul to feed

too abundant are the Lord’s gifts

to calculate in mathematical sum

yet they can all be cultivated

all in good time at Goloka Dham


breathe the purity of clean air

and smell the blossoms of Spring

watch the river skip as it meanders

hear the chirping of birds as they sing

perhaps Krishna has just passed by

followed by honey--‐bees in a swarm

His flute touching His reddish lips

as He saunters through Goloka Dham


well wishes are never strangled

by Maya’s silk--‐woven web

nor do the tides of opportunity

disappear as they quietly ebb

days end not with the setting sun

when God cradles you in each arm

take leave when the kirtan is done

then sleep you shall in Goloka Dham