Newsletter October 2020

Dear devotees and dear friends of Goloka Dhama,

Please accept our best wishes!

In this month’s newsletter, we like to share with you: the miracle of Purushotama month, the new elected coordinator and the glories of our garden team.

The miracle of Purushotama month

This month is very special because it only comes every two or tree years and is here to balance the annual calendar. During this month, all results of material activities are nullified and therefore from one point of view it is very inauspicious. Being thus devalued by people in general, the personification of this month went to Lord Krsna to take shelter. The Lord accepts this month as His own and has infused it with prodigious amount of spiritual potency.


 Purushotama month started on 17th September and will end on 18th October. The first 5 days of this month was also Holy Name week, in which devotees from all over the world increased their chanting of the Holy Name. In Goloka Dhama, inspired by the enthusiasm of Ananga Manjari and Agastya Muni, the devotees came together to have an hour Kirtan every evening. Many talented singers from our community were invited and soon a big number of devotees came to give their time and energy to serve the Holy Name. When the Holy Name week had finished, the singing experience was so enlivening that we decided to prolong it for the entire month of Purushotama. This is the miracle of such a month. We might increase our spiritual practice or practise bhakti Yoga with more attention. As a result, one naturally feels so enlivened and deeply satisfied that one does not want to stop.


Goloka Dhama new elected coordinator

Last week, many the community members voted for the new coordinator. The structure of Goloka Dhama has now changed a bit and 3 devotees from the temple will form a new board to deal with all small decisions that are connected to the inner management of the temple. In addition, a coordinator will be there to help the different teams (preaching, devotee care, vision team, constructions etc…) to serve together in Harmony. Few candidates had been proposed by the community and finally Visvadeva Prabhu was elected for one year as the new coordinator.


Visvadeva prabhu had already served as temple president for many years in the past and is now running the Govinda factory with great success. He is an expert in diplomacy and management but overall he has a great desire to see that Goloka Dhama flourishes and is able to represent Srila Prabhupada in an inspiring way to society in general. We would like to express our profound gratitude to Visvadeva for taking up this post and we wish him a lot of strength and inspiration for his new service.


Glories of our garden team

This year, our garden team has done some amazing service in preparing the ground for the future transformation of our landscape into a replica Vrindavana. Rotten trees and wild bushes were removed to make space and let in light.


This year Rama Gopal has been serving as a professional gardener under the visionary inspiration of Vaijayanti dd who is in charge for the aesthetics of our garden. Many volunteers gave their time to assist Rama Gopal while he was expertly cutting the grass, happily driving on his new grass cutting machine.


The community has been eating Bio Mangold almost every day for the past three months and are still loving it. All the apples and plumbs were transformed into jams and juice while the deities would get them fresh in fruit salad. By the mercy of Gaurasundara we have had a lot of potatoes.


We like to express our appreciation to the entire garden team (including Olga and her family) for their dedicated service. May the garden of our heart be cultivated in such a loving way so that the creeper of devotion will soon reach the Lotus feet of Our Sweet lord.


We would like to conclude this newsletter by expressing our gratitude for your continual support.

On behalf of the community members,


your servant,

Gaurahari dasa