Newsletter September 2019

Dear devotees and friends of Goloka Dhama Hare Krsna!

The uplifting association of mother Urmila

During the month of August, we had the chance of having mother Urmila as our honoured guest. She is a disciple of Srila Prabhupada, a grandmother and an amazing teacher. Urmila taught our community about balancing spiritual and material life. This topic has a lot of relevance for our community. Who is not looking for a balanced life?


Urmila’s teachings are powerful and her main emphasis is helping devotees to always remember Lord Krsna and His astonishing pastimes, beautiful qualities and most attracting form. She also gave an overview on how to see Krsna in nature. For example, the wind is described in the Srimad Bhagavatam to be a Guru. The wind will carry fragrances with him and later on he will drop these fragrances. In the same way, we can learn the art of moving throughout the material world without any attachment.



A week ago, we joyously celebrated the Appearance Dhay of Lord Krsna. This is the most important festival hosted at Goloka Dhama. The community came together to make a united effort in serving the Lord and facilitating all our guests with the experience of heartfully connecting with Radha and Krsna in total bliss.


The Lord becomes very pleased when He sees His devotees collaborating in serving Him and sharing this nectarine devotional service with each other. Sincere practitioners are not egoistic people but are mainly interested in others receiving the Lord’s mercy. Moved by the selflessness of His devotees, the Lord joins in the competition for love by blessing and serving them.


During such a festival, the intensity of prayer, fervour and happiness culminates in deep spiritual realization that forever transforms the heart. We are extremely grateful to our team of dedicated servants who made this festival so inspiring.


Joining forces

A wonderful new development has taken place in Goloka Dhama. A few qualified leaders of the community are actively coming forward to support the temple structure. The community council is now collaborating with the temple council. There is a new vision for all devotees of the community to grow and find their place in the service of the Lord. A great part of this move is aimed at distributing the Lord’s mercy to everyone, especially the residents of Germany. The community council will help the temple to organise and oversee future constructions and support the financial stability of Goloka Dhama. Our hearts are full with enthusiasm to see Srila Prabhupada’s mission flourish.


Looking forward to a promising future, we would like to express our gratitude for your support and invite you to join us in this joyous move forward.


On behalf of the entire community,

your servant,

Gaurahari dasa