Newsletter September 2020

Dear devotees and dear Friends of Lord Krsna,

Hare Krsna, please accept our best wishes.


In this newsletter you will receive inspirations from the wonderful Janmastami festival, the importance of seeing and following signs, and a change in the managerial structure of the Goloka Dhama temple.

Karuna Janmastami 2020 (by Nitya Kisori dd)

This year’s the Janmastami celebration was quite different, yet very special and memorable. As we know, millions of people have been feeling encumbered with the heavy burden of the Coronavirus of this material world. Yet, at the same time, devotees are being safeguarded from and lifted up by Krsna’s mercy, karuna, coming from the transcendental world. And this could be felt very strongly this year. Even though the organisation of the festival was in some ways affected by external dictates; so the number of devotees attending the festival was much reduced and a greater part of the program was held either outside or in the tent instead of the temple room – we could all feel that it only added to the intimacy of exchange amongst devotees and an intensity of the experience we had.


It was H.H. Sacinandana Swami who, once again in the festival of Krsna’s appearance in this world, led us on a journey of finding Krsna, not only in this world, but more importantly in our hearts. In his introductory lecture, Maharaj tuned us all inwards with the words: “Soon, a cloud will come over GD which will rain down happiness – everyone will celebrate Krsna’s appearance. But this is not only about a historic event which happened 5,000 years ago. No! From tradition, we understand that the real celebration of Janmastami is when the devotee can actually experience Krsna’s appearance in the heart.” And Krsna mercifully did just that, He appeared in the hearts of the devotees in many different ways… be it through confidential sharing amongst each other, the many revealing and uplifting points from Maharaja’s lectures or memorable insights of H.G. Bhuta Bhavana Prabhu, through a beautiful and intimate celebration of Srila Prabhupada’s Vyasa-puja or through personal revelations of the mind to Sri Sri Radha Madana Mohan in prayer.


Above all, we were encouraged to make the best use of the time spent here, to see how we can really make it special – a time when we create memories with Krsna to which we can return to at all times, and in doing so construct our own spiritual world within the heart, in which we are untouched by whatever the world serves us, where Krsna is eternally present and where loving exchange between Him and His dear devotees is continually going on. We strongly felt the blessings of coming together in an uplifting sanga and being a part of this Karuna Janmastami celebration.


Following the signs

Recently, Goloka Dhama temple has had a new interior uplift with beautiful signs naming the numerous rooms in the ashram, function rooms etc… Many of the rooms have names of Holy places and they will always remind us that we should keep our minds in the spiritual dimension of that eternal spiritual world.


In the Krsna book, Srila Prabhupada wrote that there is a science on how to read the signs happening in our lives that allow us to predict future events (auspicious or inauspicious). Krsna and Balarama were learning that science in the ashram of Sandipani Muni.


For a devotee who is developing his relationship with the Lord, Krsna is always eager to show signs in order to guide His beloved devotees. He is constantly placing these signs before us. One should take a minute or two to enquire: “Which recent signs were put before me?”


Signs from Krsna come like a personal love letter.

Signs are coming so often that we have stopped to believe in them. If we are aware (situated in the mode of goodness), praying for direction and with an open heart, we will be able to see these signs. Those whose divine visions have been awakened are always seeing divine signs everywhere.


When we feel continuously unsatisfied, that means that something is out of order. That is the right time for us to learn what are we doing wrong in our lives. We should not ignore these signals that Krsna sends. Otherwise, we may become sick, or may meet with an accident or even die. Krsna uses the material world to awaken us, to teach us. Krsna is giving us awake-up call, the alarm bell that says: "you must change something in your life!!!"


We like to extend our gratitude to Ekanti dd who designed these beautiful signs and to Mahatma Prabhu for fixing them very accurately.

Change in the managerial structure of Goloka Dhama

For 8 years now, I (Gaurahari dasa) have served the community as temple president. In these 8 years, I have done everything possible in my power to help this community. I feel very grateful for having received this opportunity to serve in that capacity and for the ongoing support and collaboration of the entire community.


Now it is time for us (my wife Vaijayanti dd included) to recognise our nature and focus on our strengths. Managerial services are very demanding and after 8 years, many signs have appeared to guide us towards another important service of preaching and caring for others in sharing Krsna consciousness.


We would like remain supportive and continue living in the Goloka Dhama community but in another capacity that is more suited to our nature.


For some time now, our managerial structure has in any case operated in teams. There are many other devotees who are skilled in management and who are available to take on more responsibilities. We will still stay connected and available and to facilitate this gradual change in the Goloka Dhama management structure.


With our gratitude for your continued support

Your servant, Gaurahari dasa